Choosing The Right Wall Finish For Your Plasma Center

When choosing the most economical option for an interior finish, it would seem at first that paint is the obvious choice. However, additional maintenance and repair costs are incurred in the future because paint cannot withstand the everyday wear and tear of human traffic. Wall vinyl and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) have come a long way in terms of quality, style and durability. In normal conditions, some wall vinyl can last up to 5 times longer. Clients are attracted to the aesthetic appeal of wall vinyl, making it the better option for accents and designs. FRP, with its fiberglass finish is nearly indestructible and will last years, even in extreme temperatures, with minimal wear:

Pros and Cons of Paint, Wall Vinyl and FRP

Little Preparation X X
Durability X X X
Performs well in wet areas X
Resistance to moisture, mold and mildew X
Maximum sanitation protection X
Improved chemical resistance X
Aesthetically pleasing X X X
Easily cleaned X
Overall life-cycle expense HIGH LOW LOW

While the upfront cost of paint is lower, the durability of wall vinyl and FRP make it a more cost-effective solution in the long term:

Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Paint, Wall Vinyl and FRP

Square Feet8,0008,0008,000
Installation Cost/Sq. Ft.$2.50$6.35$5.75
Initial Capital Cost$20,000.00$50,800.00$46,000.00
Life Expectancy of Product5-10 yrs20-25 yrs20-25 yrs
Term of Lease15 years15 years15 years
Expected Replacement Cost Through Term of Lease$86,496.94 (Factors in 4% Inflation and Disposal/Salvage Cost)$0$0
Maintenance OptionHighLowLow
Total Maintenance Cost Per Year$6,550.00$0$0
Total Life Cycle Cost$113,046.94$50,800.00$46,000.00